Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My co-worker Danielle, who writes for the Style Network's website, just came over to my desk to tell me about the newest product she tried for the "test drive." The test drive is where co-workers and friends try different products and write up a review. She's had me try a ton of stuff before like lotions, oils, toothpaste, etc.

"Oh my god, my butt looked just like Kim Kardashian!" she says to me as she pulls up Mystyle.com to show me her article.

Then she holds up a pair of butt-padded-booty-shorts.

"I got one for you," she tells me. "Pink or yellow?"

Honestly. Who comes up with this stuff?! I graciously pass on the shorts before quickly changing my mind and choosing a pink pair. These will make for a fabulous gift for a friend's birthday. God I love my job somedays.