Thursday, May 22, 2008


If American Idol can teach us anything, it's that fans are important to the game. While they may not be able to vote on the Western Conference Final winner, they can certainly have their say and offer words of wisdom and support. Starting with the worst seats in the house and working our way up to some of the best, here's a sampling of fans at Staples Center last night:

  • Richard Sarabia West Los Angeles
    • Games Attended in '08: 10-12
    • Paid For Ticket: $150
    • Seats Nosebleed. "But during the regular season $150 usually gets me section 200 which is in the middle."
    • Why You Don't Mess With Lakers Fans: "At Game 2 against Utah, a Jazz fan kept yapping and yapping until one of the Lakers fans just threw a beer at him. The Utah fan wanted to fight so security came and kicked the Utah fan out of the game. He was the one that got the beer thrown at him! Everyone was screaming, "Kick him out! Kick him out!" And the guy who threw the beer got to stay in the game."

  • Dave Carrillo Glendora, California
    • Games Attended In '08:: 12
    • Paid For Ticket: $125
    • Seats: Section 306. "It's not against the wall but it's pretty up there."
    • Why Fans Matter: "We play a big role and the players know it. They feel good, they have more confidence and they want to play harder for their fans. It's a big difference."

  • Stella Diaz Palm Springs, California
      Games Attended In '08:: 3-4 in San Antonio
    • Paid For Ticket: $140
    • Seats: Section 218 "They're decent."
    • Why She's Not A Traitor: "I enjoy the way San Antonio plays. They're so team-oriented. L.A. Isn't known for that but they're getting better. I've been getting booed all night long, but it's all fun and games. Everybody here pretty much understands being a fan to a team and being loyal to it. They just give me a hard time."

  • Rory Darvel Los Angeles
    • Games Attended In '08:: 6-7
    • Paid For Ticket: $120
    • Seats: Lower level
    • Why Dress To Impress: "I have to represent for the playoffs so this is my poncho and matching sombrero and underneath I have a uniform just in case Phil might need some additional help out there. I came by myself but in this outfit you make friends pretty quick."
    • Why Not To Be A "Flashy" Fan: "One time one of the fans flashed the Jumbo-tron. When they pan the crowd looking for fans people get excited. I guess she got a little too excited and forgot where she was."

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