Monday, May 5, 2008


If you read my first post of the month or you saw my amazing ESPN editor's post on The Mag Daily (where they called my story 'epic' and made my week, perhaps even month), then you know I have an obsession with ESPN 710's Dave Dameshek's Lakers songs. They do a new song everyday about a different Lakers player and I've been waiting in anticipation for them to do one on Luke Walton.

I interviewed Luke sophomore year for a college magazine. The Lakers totally hooked it up with a one-on-one way before my professional reporting days. They had faith in me (or perhaps no one else wanted to talk to Luke back then ... but either way). It was one of my first big interviews, so I have a special place in my heart for Luke. He opened up to me. Luke and I connected (actually, he completely doesn't remember the interview).

Anyways, ESPN 710 finally made a Luke Walton song and I recorded it on my recorder while I was driving in the car and emailed it to Luke. Sadly, he didn't write back. Okay, okay, I suppose he's pretty busy with playoffs right now.

But then today I started thinking maybe he didn't like the song. Maybe he was offended that I sent it to him. Did I offend Luke Walton? I went back to listen to it and typed em' up.


The Luke Walton Song

You're good on defense your passes are greater
Your dad named you Luke just like Darth Vader
That movie's good
You wear shirts that are tie-dyed out on the town
Don’t you think there’s enough hippies around?
Your shirt made me blind
And the Grateful Dead’s overrated you’ll find
Nice curly fro'
Phil, you’ll need Luke Walton soon
Put the ball in his hand
Bill, your boy Luke Walton’s good
But he could use tan

*These lyrics have been edited after receiving the correct lyrics courtesy of Jarred Diglo