Saturday, May 3, 2008


The only thing I wanted to do today was go to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and watch the Kentucky Derby at a sports bar. Sadly, I couldn't find ONE person who wanted to go with me. Sure I got plenty of rain checks, invites to pool parties and lunch invitations instead, but I graciously turned all offers down and finally decided I would go by myself ...

Unfortunately, by the time I got in my car it was pretty late and just as I was exiting the freeway the Kentucky Derby started - and was over 90 seconds later. So after calling people all morning I end up missing the Derby and listening to it on ESPN 710 radio instead. Such a disappointment. I've decided next year I'm going to Kentucky to make up for it.

Um, I'm just going to say it. I had NO idea how short that race was! All of the training, build-up, money, events, discussions, bets, parties, practice and preparation for 90 freaking seconds!?! What the heck! So lame. And why in the world do they need to have a 2 hour broadcast for a race that lasts a minute and a half? I just don't get it. The highlights on Sports Center will be just as long as the race. I was rooting for Colonel John (I did an article on his owner, Mr. Casner) but I am happy for Big Brown because before I left my apartment I watched a very moving piece on jockey Kent Desormeaux's son. My deepest sorrows go out to Eight Belles who was euthanized on the track after breaking both front ankles. So, so sad. She placed 2nd in the race and was the only female horse. Hillary Clinton had been rooting for her all week, which is a bit creepy now. Well ...

I went down to the pier anyways and had a fabulous day watching street performers, break dancers and the cutest kid band ever (I bought their CD for $5 and just found them on myspace music).

I capped off my solo day by sitting in Barnes & Noble for two and a half hours reading some books and magazines. I bought an awesome book on the Super Bowl - originally $35 but discounted to $7.98! What a deal!

I spent an hour of my bookstore time reading Wired magazine and I'm officially a huge fan. It's surprisingly very eclectic and best of all I learned something new! I had no idea what it took to be a race car driver, soon we can get wireless on airplanes (for an extra $13), and did you know the US military experimented on its own soldiers with drugs? Also, I really need to start re-learning a lot of shit I forgot from school ... Wired editors came up with a list to Feed Your Mind With Impressive Information and some of the things in their Easy Quadrant I definitely don't remember.

Here's a video from today's entertainment on the Promenade for your enjoyment: