Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, it's that time of the week - it's E! Entertainment Radio's Party Girl show time! The show airs on Sirius and XM radio but for those of you who missed it, do not fear. E! Entertainment re-airs our show all week but since not all of you have satellite radio and I am sure you have been dyyyying to know the latest Hollywood gossip, you can listen to the show's podcast right here!

I co-host with my work bestie, Cristina Gibson. She called me today to tell me I should be very glad I'm not at the office because there was a fire drill at work this morning and they evacuated the entire building - which is like 15,000 people ... I actually have no clue how many people are in the building but it's a lot.

This week's show is called Hills and Thrills. We dish ("dish" is a word E! tends to use a lot, because apparently it sounds more intimate and revealing than "talk") on The Hills Season 3 finale party. You'll hear all of the inside info I got at The Hills finale - probably more than you want to know (Assuming any of my readers care about The Hills in the first place. Even I watched the finale cause I had to). Plus, hear why Hollywood's not having any "Sex" and how Mariah Carey and Ellen DeGeneres are celebrating in style.

Excited yet? I promise the show is good. Even my best friend Arash Markazi said he liked it and he writes for Sports Illustrated (he's an amazing writer, fellow USC alum and nicest guy in the world) so maybe all you sports fans might enjoy it if he does - I did say might, so no guarantees. Arash was probably just being nice.

Either way check out the show here!