Friday, May 16, 2008


Words can not express my affection for my amazing editors. As I'm browsing the blog today, I come across this item about tonight's Lakers vs. Jazz game and one of the burning questions they ask about Game 6 is "Will Laura Lane be there?"

I feel loved.

As I wrote them back in an email, no sadly I am in Chicago, guys. And while my behind-the-scenes random stories may be entertaining to you all, they're not as essential as a J.A. Adande cover story, unfortunately. Adande was a teacher at USC and his class was one of the hardest to get into. I know this from experience, because I tried for two years to get into the class. It was one of the best.

This is perhaps the first and only time I will ever say I wish I was in Utah rather than Chicago or L.A. If there is a Game 7, however, count me in. For now, I'll be watching the game in downtown Chi-town at the ESPN Zone.

I also just checked out the 710 radio Laker's blog and saw they linked to my blog not once, but twice! Wow, I feel extra loved today. I'm hanging with my fam and getting some love from my ESPN family too. It's a good day ... now if only the Lakers could win tonight that would really top things off.