Thursday, May 15, 2008


The best part about bagel Thursdays at the bustling E! Entertainment headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. is when you forget it is bagel Thursdays. You're running perfectly on time to work, but you're a bit hungry, you want to eat, don't have time and then - bam!

"Oh my gosh!" you realize. "It's bagel Thursdays!" And all of the sudden it's a fantastic day.

Not to get all SATish on you but ...

Bagel Thursdays is to E! Entertainment as Free Tacos is to Lakers games.

I don't even like to eat bagels that much. To be honest I would much rather have a smoothie or a banana or a bowl of cereal with fresh blueberries (and non-fat milk). But every Thursday, nothing could excite me more then the realization that it is bagel Thursday's here at E!. I never remember until I show up at work. It's like forgetting it's your birthday every week.

This is the same as the free tacos at Lakers games. For those of you unaware of the "free taco" promotion, at any Lakers home game if the Lakers win and hold the other team under 100 points, everyone in the stadium gets a coupon for two free tacos at Jack in the Box.

You couldn't pay me enough money to eat those nasty tacos. Just the thought of it makes me want to fast for an entire week. The average Lakers ticket cost around $150. For two tacos at Jack in the Box it costs $0.99. Yet still, during close games when it's down to the wire and the opposing team is just under 100 points with a minute or so less, the arena goes insane. 20,000 people, who normally would never be caught dead at a Jack in the Box drive-through, are screaming at the top of their lungs, "FREE TACOS!!! FREE TACOS!!! FREE TACOS!!!"

You would think "tacos" was a code word for "MacBook Pro."

I would venture to guess that less than 7% of those coupons get used. I have not clue what the actual percentage is but the point is that for some reason, when something is free people want it even if they have no desire for it and would never, ever buy it in the first place.

This realization doesn't change a thing for me, however. I still love bagel Thursdays more than ever and I still want there to be free tacos at Lakers games even if I've never once taken a coupon and would rather eat a scorpion than a taco.